Wrights 183 9001-29A Cotton Piping, 50-Yard, 1/4-Inch, Natural


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Wrights Cotton Piping, 50-yard, 1/4-Inch, Natural is great for adding a special touch to your home decor projects, lining curtains and adding piping to quilts. Create custom quilt edges by wrapping your fabric around this piping. Machine washable. Comes in natural color. Available in 50-yards length in size 2. Measures 1/4-inch diameter. 100% cotton, cotton-covered cord, comes in 50 yard spools. Wrights 183 9001-29A is a premium quality 100% woven cotton piped banding that comes in natural color. This cotton banding features a satin stitch quality, meaning it is made with tighter stitches for a better finish. It has a 30% Cotton 60% Rayon and 10% Wool blend. It is recommended for indoor use such as draperies, headboards, slipcovers and upholstery projects. Banding comes on a 50 yard bolt of 54-Inch wide fabric. It is multi-purpose but works great for upholstery applications.” Wrights 183 9001-29A is a natural cotton piping cord. This cord has a quilted cotton thread casing with twisted polyester / cotton filling. It comes in 50 yards length in size 1/4-inches, and is intended for general sewing purposes. Wrights 183 9001-29A comes 100% rayon by SKAI Japan Co.,Ltd. Our House2Home Upholstery Tack Strip makes upholstering furniture easier than you may have thought. It’s perfect for adding professional edges to your furniture (couch, chair, sofa) and most any other upholstery project that requires tack strip. Our adjustable tack strip allows for a secure attachment of padding and fabric, while resisting the growth of mold and mildew. This package contains an instruction booklet for you to refer back to as you tackle your upholstery project. It will walk you through the process of installing the tack strip in four easy steps. Save money by purchasing the roll of tack strip instead of several pieces of an individual size! This 10 yard roll will provide you with plenty of tack strip to make large furniture repairs. Keep a roll handy for those unexpected furniture mishaps, too. You’ll never have to replace your furniture just because the fabric on the back has worn away or become detached! No more wasting time measuring out ripped fabric off the back of your furniture and trying to attach it using heavy duty sewing threads. Just cut off a piece, and reattach it in no time at all. Great for couches, chairs, sofas, anything that Use cardboard tacking to make professional looking furniture and upholstery edges. This is exactly the same material the professionals use to provide a crisp edge above fabric. Can be cut with scissors or rotary trimmers. Wrights 183 9001-29A Cotton Piping, 50-Yard, 1/4-Inch, Natural, is great for sewing a heirloom quilt or decorating a pillow. This package contains 50 yards of 1/4 inch sheer polyester piping in a natural color.



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