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What Are the Benefits of Subscribing?

Check Out Books & Materials: Although all of the Public Law Library’s resources are available for free to anyone who visits one of our branches, individuals who also wish to check out materials are required to join the subscriber program. Find more information about this service here.

Discounted Conference Room Reservations: For members of the Public Law Library’s Subscriber Program, the hourly reservation fee is $15.00. For all others (non-subscribers), the hourly reservation fee is $20.00. Find more information about this service here.

Discounted Document Delivery: PLLKC Delivers is a service which provides copies of known statutes, regulations, cases, law review articles, and textbook citations from our collection. Documents can be delivered via standard mail (plus postage), fax, email, or made available for pickup at the Library. Document Delivery Fees are $20.00 per citation for subscribers. For all others (non-subscribers), the document delivery fee is $25.00 per citation. Find more information about this service here.

Discounted CLE Classes: Classes are back at the Public Law Library of King County, and most of them are eligible for CLE credit! Unless otherwise stated, class fees are $20.00 for library subscribers. For all others (non-subscribers), the class fees are $35.00. Find more information about this service here.

Subscriber Program Categories and Fees:

Attorney Subscribers: For any practitioner, law firm, legal partnership, or corporate legal department which has an office in Washington State, there is a non-refundable annual fee of $78.50 for each attorney of the business who wishes to have an account with the Library. Download the 2017 Attorney Subscriber Form here.

Government Subscriber: Any employee of a city, county, state, or federal government office located in King County, or a judge of a court located in King County, may borrow materials for business purposes. Government subscribers are not required to pay an annual subscription fee. Download the 2017 Government Subscriber Form here.

Resident Subscriber:  An individual resident of King County who is not an attorney and pays a non-refundable annual subscription of $78.50. Download the 2017 Resident Subscriber Form here.

Exempt Organizations: Exempt organizations must contact the Library regarding qualifications for this category.

Subscriber Program Rules:

All subscribers agree to be bound by the rules of the Library. Any subscriber who flagrantly or persistently violates the Library rules will have their subscription privileges suspended or terminated by the Board of Law Library Trustees. A copy of the rules are available from the Library. For more information regarding the subscriber program please contact the law library staff at (206) 477-1305.

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