Subli-Cloth Cotton Sublimation Dark & Light Cloth Fabric Sheet Pack (A4 x 20 Units) (21cmx29cm)


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Subli-Cloth is a new sublimation product. It’s a revolutionary solution to sublimate your designs on cotton clothes. Subli-Cloth is specially design for sublimation cotton t-shirts, bags and every kind of cotton products without waterproof treatment. The ideal material for the best on sublimation industry. Feature (Characteristics) Tissue fabric that allow the sublimation on cotton clothes. White color, smooth finish. Build with a special heat adhesive layer. Works in every cloth that doesn’t have waterproof treatment. Also works in white and dark cloths. Have Description: ・100% Cotton Sublimation Printing Fabric Sheets ・20 Units per pack, Size(approx.): 21cmx29cm ・Dyes used are environment friendly. ・During printing, the fabric is moved back and forth underneath the print head. Colors are absorbed by the fabric which makes Subli-Cloth more vivid and soft. New revolutionary product to make sublimation on cotton. Subli-Cloth is a brand new revolutionary sublimation on cotton. It produces the same effect as sublimation but with a lot less effort in using it, and at a fraction of the cost as well. We are offering Subli-Cloth in two types/versions – Dark and Light. The Dark version will allow you to work on dark-colored fabrics only or white background. The Light version will allow you to work on light-colored fabrics only or dark background. Subli-cloth sheets for sublimation on cotton clothes with A4 size of 21cmx29cm. The Subli-cloth has a texture that is not only translucent, but downright see-through. It can be easily cut into any size suitable for the product. Subli-cloth can be washed over and over again as there can be no quality drop even after repeated washing. The full color sublimation allows you to print photos with high resolution, so that the design can be clearly shown on the fabric when it is made into cloth. 50 pieces sewing clips quilting crafting wonder clip for sewing quilting crafting knitting. The flat bottom of each clip has marking lines for 5 mm, 7 mm, and 10 mm. 50PCS Multicolor Sewing Clip Set Not only can be used for sewing, but also for quilting, crocheting, knitting, binding and other crafts. It will bring you comfortable, convenient life. Here’s why you’ll love them: 1. QUALITY–EMBROIDERY/SEWING CLIPS FOR CRAFTS Our sewing clip set is made of solid, sturdy plastic and high elastic nylon.The clips are very small but very strong and won’t break while you’re using them.They’re very easy to hold and the opening is just the right size for your threads to pass through. They also have a really nice, pretty, smooth surface which makes them easy to slide over fabric. 2. COLOR–MULTI-COLOR SEWING CLIP SET Our Subli-Cloth Cotton Sublimation Dark & Light Cloth Fabric Sheet Pack (A4 x 20 Units) (21cmx29cm) This listing is for light and dark colored sheets of sublicloth. Sub-license fabric is a great choice for making t-shirts, pillowcases, duvet covers, tote bags, aprons or anything else you need using a hands free heat press machine(desktop press), or a conventional iron. Works with most home heat presses on the market as well as commercial machines. ________________________________



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