David accessories Flamingo Floral Printed Faux Leather Fabric Sheets Vivid Pearl Light Solid Color 6 Pcs 7.7″ x 12.9″ (20 cm x 33 cm) for DIY Bows Earrings Making (Animal and Floral)


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2pcs vivid pearl light solid color faux leather fabric sheets,4pcs printed faux leather sheet,including flamingo,floral,6pcs in total for one set 《 6 pieces full pack floral design faux patent leather printing sheets》 《 Size: 7.7’x12.9′,multiway to cut or fold as you like each sheet》 《 Package is made of padded kraft box and fit for shipping directly》 《 All the sewing patterns are hand drawn by me​​​​and so unique and beautiful. It could be used as sewing patchwork Giving you the opportunity to use these sheets for your DIY bows earrings making,the sheet’s surface is glossy and smooth which makes it easy for you to cut out a nice shape.The vivid pearl light solid color,silvery gray,black solid color faux leather fabric sheets are specifically designed to be used with modern jewelry design like fashion bridesmaid jewelry necklace earring bracelet or keychain,which will give your necklaces more beautiful and elegant look than ever before.Our Flamingo Floral Printed Faux Leather Fabric Sheets Vivid Pearl Light Solid Color 6 Pcs 7.7″ x 12.9 Set of decorating sheets:6 pcs sheets,each sheet measures approx 7.7″ x 12.9″ (20 cm x 33 cm),thickness of 2 kinds of sheets is different,solid color sheet approx 0.021inch,printed sheet approx 0.039inch,all of our sheets are hand cut and will vary slightly in size. Adhesive for fabric crafts:100% adhesive for fabric crafts with latex backing ,easy to apply on cloth surface,can be washed or removed after dried with water.Fashionable decoration craft supply:ideal for making unique accessories such as jewelry,hair Size:7.7″ x 12.9″ for DIY bows Earrings Making (Animal and Floral) Color:vivid pearl solid sheet,back is non-woven finishing,printed sheet,back is felt finishing (If you are looking for lively color solids and a variety of sizes, please look up our Amazon category Penny Lane Ideas),Easy for cutting out any size of fabric,Easy to thread and tie your beads on needle or string when making jewelry or sewing on beads.Our ultra-light weight materials will keep your shipping cost down by reducing the weight of your order!We work with the top We are confident that you will love the charming looks and high quality of these cotton printed fabrics. They are great for making many sewing projects including quilts, tablecloths, pillows, curtains, totes bags and more. They have a wide range of colors, patterns and styles for all types of projects. We are sure that with such cute colors and lovely designs, your handicrafts will turn out to be more fashionable and charming! Product measures: Total 30 pieces of 10″*10″ cotton fabrics are packed together in this package. Available in various patterns, which are enough for you to choose and apply in daily life, the different patterns also can provide more idea to make sewing and art crafts. My favorite thing about this quilt is that it will be perfect for a baby or toddler. The pink is really pretty and the cotton fabric is soft enough to feel really great on a baby’s skin and does not collect lint from clothing like other machine made fabrics do. These fabrics are just the best – and awesomely priced! The bears are what sold it for me. These cotton sheets come in a set of 6 basic colors that are ideal for making quality accessories like bows or fashion jewelry. They measure 7 5/8″ by 13 1/2″ and range from .25mm to 1.00mm thick. These are perfect for beginners at DIY crafts and very easy to use because you can cut them easily with scissors or cutters. Flamingo Printed Faux Leather Fabric Medium Ribbon (Rainbow Floral)



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