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Forms Available for Purchase In-Person at the Library:

$35.00 Washington Eviction Kit: King County Forms and Instructions

Available for purchase in-person only at the Public Law Library of King County.

This eviction form kit was drafted by an attorney who frequently practices landlord-tenant law in King County, Washington and surrounding counties. Although the eviction  kit has detailed instructions, use of a kit is not substitute for legal advice.

Copyright 2015 Washington Eviction Kit LLC.

$27.00 Garnishment Kit – Clark County Process to Collect an Unpaid Judgment

Available for purchase in-person only at the Public Law Library of King County.

Use this kit to process to collect an unpaid judgment in Clark County, Washington.

This packet was written specifically for Clark County. The garnishment process is based on state laws. If you are using this outside Clark County, ignore references to days and times specific to Clark County and contact your local court for information specific to your county. The forms include a blank along the top to insert the name of your county.

(Kit last updated July 2012)

Other Places to Purchase Forms:

Attorney’s Information Bureau (AIB): AIB legal forms and legal kits include procedures, and most offer instructions, providing you with the information and forms needed to initiate, pursue and complete your legal proceeding as a layman.

Visit AIB’s Do It Yourself Legal Kits website where you can obtain information about the available kits and place an order for an instant download or a print copy.

Several forms are not available for purchase online. If you are interested in buying a kit in person, please call the AIB office at 206-622-1909 (PST) from Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. AIB is conveniently located next door to the Seattle Branch of the Public Law Library. Find our address on our contact page.