Collection Development

The Board of Trustees approved a collection development policy for the Public Law Library in October 2003. The collection development policy, drafted by Public Law Library staff with input from the Board of Trustees, guides the Public Law Library in making selection, supplementation, and retention decisions about the Public Law… Read more

Computer & Internet Public Access

The Public Law Library of King County has made public access computer stations available solely for legal research purposes. The Public Law Library’s mission is to serve the legal research needs of the community. Patrons engaged in general non-legal study or research should use other libraries. The Public Law Library… Read more

Confidentiality of Library Records

Objective: Privacy is essential to the exercise of free speech, free thought, and free association.  In a library, the right of privacy is the right to open inquiry without having the subject of one’s interest examined or scrutinized by others. 1.1 The Board of Trustees of the Public Law Library… Read more

Copyright Policy & Intellectual Property Statement

The Public Law Library of King County will place a notice of copyright ownership on its original works of authorship, including works created by Public Law Library employees within the scope of their employment. The notice will include a statement that grants permission for copying of these materials by other… Read more

Legal Information Service

Summary: The Public Law Library of King County will provide information service in support of the legal research need of the courts, the bar, and the public. Purpose: This policy defines the information service the Public Law Library staff will offer to the patrons at the Public Law Library of… Read more

Rules of Conduct

1. Public Law Library patrons shall: a. engage in activities directly related to the use of the Public Law Libraryb. respect the rights of other patrons and staff membersc. supervise accompanying childrend. maintain quiet 2. Public Law Library patrons shall not: a. engage in disruptive and unsafe actions, such as… Read more

Social Networking

Introduction: The Public Law Library of King County (Library) uses various “social networking applications” where Library staff and community members can interact online. The Library regards online social networking applications as another means of fulfilling its mission of aiding all persons with their legal information needs. Definition: A “social networking… Read more

Subscriber Rules

All people shall have free use of the Law Library. The Law Library maintains an annual subscription plan for those who wish to borrow books from the Law Library, who agree to be bound by the following rules and conditions, and who qualify for one of the categories described below.… Read more

Website Disclaimer

The Public Law Library of King County does not provide any legal advice to any person and is not engaged in the practice of law. The information provided on the Public Law Library of King County website is not legal advice. The information is provided solely as a service to… Read more

Website Privacy

Information collected and how it is used: The Public Law Library of King County’s website is hosted by an outside Internet service provider. The service provider does not provide the Public Law Library with any Internet Protocol specific information about individuals. If you do nothing more during your visit to… Read more